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iStartSmart Classroom Solutions

Hatch Computers

Our Hatch Computer comes with an 21.5" all-in-one touch-screen computer, kid-size mouse and mouse pad, child-friendly keyboard and a child-sized desk allowing the child to safely access the technology on their own. This technology center also comes with a printer allowing the teacher to easily print progress data.

Our Hatch Computer comes with an 21.5" all-in-one touch-screen computer, kid sized mouse and...


OOPS! Proof Hardwaresplat

Our hardware is designed for the bumps, drops, spills and sticky fingers. All of the joys that come with being a young child!

Numeral Recognition

The Hatch Tablet comes with a Android TM 4.4 Tablet, stereo headphones, cleaning kit and a power adapter with USB to 40 pin connector. Our patented Hatch Exclusive Protective HatchGuard Bumper is made of durable, pliable, food grade anti-microbial silicone and easily cleans up with soap and water. This tablet is ready from spills, drops, boogers and more.

*iStartSmart® Software is also available for iPad. Contact our sales department for more details.

The Hatch Tablet comes with an Android 4.4 Tablet stereo headphones, cleaning kit...


All in One and Tablets

Fun Games - Fueled By Research

Incorporating technology in a classroom of early learners can be challenging. That's where we come in!

iStartSmart Elite enables children to work independently, accessing skill-building games while enabling teachers to monitor their progress in REAL TIME.

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school districts, private child cares and Head Start organizations benefit from iStartSmart Elite

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game sessions



Children are positively impacted by iStartSmart Elite

Complet Solutions

An Elite Learning Platform for Achieving Kindergarten Readiness

Now available for 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's!

Bringing you the best in research-based software, iStartSmart Elite is the most advanced solution for early learning classrooms. Our technology provides annual subscribers with a content platform designed to help increase teacher/child engagement, individualized learning and improve kindergarten readiness.

iStartSmart Elite Tablets featuring the new Toddler version

icon Developmental Learning Activities 

toddler tablet

iStartSmart for Toddlers

Children 28 months and older can begin learning skill families appropriate for the toddler experience with our hand-crafted technology that's mindful of their developmental ability.

3-5 Year Tablet

iStartSmart for Pre-K

Once a child is 3 years old they will experience a seamless transition to learning games that continue to build the skills necessary for Kindergarten. The level of difficulty grows with the child!

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icon Dual Language Support 

The games in iStartSmart Elite provide an opportunity for English Language Learners to acquire English kindergarten readiness skills while maintaining and developing their home language of Spanish.


icon Instructional Decision Making 

As children play games, progress information is automatically collected and provided to teachers in easy-to-use reports which allow them to efficiently refocus children in different skill areas and develop lesson plans, personalized small group and individualized instruction.

icon Reasearch Based Software 

iStartSmart Elite introduces children to language, literacy and math content based on the National Early Literacy Panel and National Research Council Math Reports with game-based play presented in a scaffolded systematic manner.

icon Professional Development 

Hatch is a partner in your early childhood program's implementation of instructional technology. We offer on-site, online, and on-demand Hatch training programs that are designed for all levels of learning.

iconAdministrator Management & Reporting 

iStartSmart Elite features state-of-the-art interactive reporting for administrators that make it easy to visualize kindergarten readiness progress at the classroom, site, and organization level.


icon Ongoing Updates Made Easy 

Never worry about keeping your software up-to-date, Hatch takes care of that for you. The Elite Platform includes ongoing updates and platform management that occur in the background without interrupting child play.

icon Technical Support 

Hatch is a partner in your early childhood program's implementation of instructional technology. We offer on-site, online, and on-demand Hatch training programs that are designed for all levels of learning.

Connect Classroom
Technology with GOLD®

Hatch Early Learning and Teaching Strategies have partnered together to create HatchSync powered by GOLD®, a simple way to capture documentation through the results of a child's independent play.


All in One and Tablets
All in One and Tablets

We've Done the Research in
Early Learning Technology

In a research study, children using iStartSmart scored statistically significantly higher than control children on standard and percentile scores. Additionally, improvement on literacy and math scores were significantly correlated with time spent using iStartSmart.


Implementation & Training

We are experts in helping educators implement technology in the classroom! That's why our Classroom Integration Consultants (CICs) install the technology in the classroom and ensure that it meets the organization specifications. Teachers and Administrators then take part in onsite training in small groups or even one-on-one! When the CICs leave, educators can take part in our growing bank of online resources.

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